Friday, April 22, 2005


a work in progress

Even though you betray
Even though you feel deficient
and "steal" to have
Even though you are impatient, too sensitive, too serious
Even though you don't tell the whole truth
Even though deep down you're afraid
and don't feel a sense of faith

I will love you

I will forgive you

I will give you the life you have always deserved


  1. Cool painting! I often wonder why people are so capable of being loving and compassionate to others but not themselves...

  2. Hi! It's Kristine over at Random and Odd.
    I got your message. I didn't do the coding, but I did mess with it. Mela did the coding and she has some AWESOME templates that I work with. She asks that if you tweek her templates that you just keep the link to her website (which I do on all my tweeked sites).
    If you ever need any help at all, just ask. I have done about 30 different sites and I just love doing it for fun!!