Thursday, May 05, 2005


There are so many other blogs to keep up on that I find myself only frequenting those that leave me amazing beautiful comments such as this from Vavoom from the post on my new I am going to commit something down in writing everyday as a self discipline site:

"With every lost love we become that much more capable of entering a healthy relationship down the road. Give yourself time to grieve. Once again, remember the buddhist image -- There exists a stream and a foot bridge. At times the stream flows calmly, other times violently. The footbridge does not stop the water's flow, nor does it get swept away. As humans, our psyche encompasses both the stream and the footbridge. The stream represents our emotional self and the foot bridge our mindful self. Allow your emotions to pass while observing them as they go. When you are sad, do not judge the emotion. Rather, be the foot bridge and allow the water's flow, keeping an observant perspective while you grieve."

You are part of my online community.

Some of you I know well and you come to love on me, others I have never met but can peep in the window of your intimate world... kindness and support, so generous.

We are not strangers at all, connecting human to human. We relate. I remember reading something once about being alone, that if we realize our sameness we won't ever need for anything again. Resources are there outside our door.

The secret to everything you want in your life - "talk to strangers".


  1. Anonymous12:41 PM


    This is beautiful - I printed out the wonderful quote. I love your commitment to put down words everyday - thank you for letting me read them.


  2. Becca, Loved your comment, too... but who is Vavoom and IS HE SINGLE is the real question?

    HA! *I'm kidding!*