Tuesday, June 28, 2005

High D

In our Human Resources department, we often use a tool called the "DISC" when working with employee groups. It's a quick test which helps each individual learn their communication tendencies and thus the group as a whole can understand the team's dynamics. Sometimes people's profiles change. In my case, dramatically. When I first took this position four years ago I was a "High C" (C=conscientousness) details, organized, process, etc. Now I am a "High D"(D=dominance)... can accept a challenge, futuristic, big picture, strategizers, demanding, change agent, risk taker. Of course there is always the negative, High D's can be too aggressive, push too hard, be too demanding. I find it exciting that High D's typically move into management and leadership. Personally I take it as a good sign that I am moving in that direction. The picture above is the combination of all traits that identify me as the profile of "Developer". I like that word. It says someone in action to me, a mover, a shaker. Hopefully it's not just what I move and shake at Burning Man that I'm known for...

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