Sunday, March 19, 2006

all better

the day went by in a blur
(Josh please tell Patricia thanks for ironing my pants!)

caught the bus
then security had to search my bag
and the fuckers (sorry)
wanted my little engraved swiss army knife
so I stepped out and paid $8 to mail it to myself
threw my shoes, credit card & all back through security
and my plane was so little
you had to walk out to the jetway to board
I arrive to San Jose
and realize I am minus my credit card
call & cancel it
...go to my room
take off my boots
and find it in my SHOE!


my roommate arrived
Indonesian Dharmesti
"Esti" for short
she is wonderful wonderful wonderful
sweet, has three kids,
very intelligent

anyway, Esti made it all better.

Dharmesti from Jakarta, Indonesia

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