Monday, March 20, 2006

let's go swimming

Cultures represented in my course
(and who have prepared presentations on wedding customs):
  • Filipino
  • Portuguese
  • Hispanic
  • Indonesian
  • Cambodian
  • Taiwanese
  • American Samoan
  • Vietnamese
  • Jamiacan
  • African American
  • White Trash (just kidding!)

I am swimming from Day One and looking back can only remember that the first part of the day was introductions and the last part was how to charge for your services. That last part is fascinating and I am left with the question "what kind of business will I do mostly?".

For example, she suggested that some part-time consultants only do "day of", which includes a 4 hour wrap-up session one month prior to wedding (confirming vendors, on-site walk-through, wedding day timeline), 2 hours at Rehearsal and 8 hours on Wedding Day.

One thing that's cool about this course is there is a focus on integrity and doing what is right in your "heart". I like that.

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  1. Hey hon,

    Good luck in your course. It sounds really interesting.
    Will you call me when you get a break or in the evening? I'd love to make plans to see eachother this weekend if you get a chance...