Wednesday, March 29, 2006

New Moon Intentions (Aries)

  1. I want to find myself easily initiating the successful launch of One Enchanted Wedding.
  2. I want to easily find myself consistently asserting myself in healthy ways, establishing good boundaries and creating excellent relationships.
  3. In this time of great energy & action, I want my circuitry to run at a steady pace, breathing, resting and restoring in counter-balance.
  4. I want to easily find myself taking those risks that lead to positive renewal and which bring me in harmony with my passions.
  5. I want to experience a powerful feeling of self-reliance as I choose and create a life that has personal meaning and deep satisfaction for me.
  6. I want to remain consistently vigilent in the area of self-care (specifically managing my day so I exercise, eat healthily and sleep long & fitfully).
  7. I want to be filled with courage and lots of vital energy around fulfilling on my dreams.
  8. I want to find myself taking each small step towards my goals and easily seeing projects through to completion.
  9. I want all fears of success and feelings of insecurity totally lifted from me.
  10. I want to experience a deep level of trust that my soulmate/life partner is on his way and that I am going to be given this gift in my lifetime.

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  1. Anonymous8:26 AM

    I love them, too! You are truly an amazing person!