Sunday, March 26, 2006

A week in Review

Willow wanted to leave with me! It's funny that I thought I was going to take a carry-on suitcase. I ended up with a gigantic stuffed suitcase that was 58 pounds on my flight home so I had to redistribute everything. I can pack lightly when I want to but on the other hand I am a total packrat if I don't watch it. So... here's the view from the class, sitting on those godawful uncomfortable chairs - my back is killing me! Then, after 8 hours in classes, we had three night's worth of assignments. It was just a lot. A lot of information, a lot of questions, a lot of excitement. On Thursday morning I returned to my room after putting the final anxious touches on my assignment and couldn't believe that I actually went down into the lobby like this. Don't I look exhausted? I was and still am!

The Graduating class and our instructor + honored guests & speaker Peggy Post. We had students from Indonesia, Sark Island (in the U.K.), New York, Florida, Oregon, Utah, California and then of course Colorado.

Friday's luncheon was beyond amazing (and even included champagne!!). They set up a faux reception and their favorite vendors came in and wowed us their creative decadence. We were all very impressed.

And then off to the city I went... for less than 24 hours! I got to have dinner with my two college roommates, KT & KK, a latte & brioche au chocolat with my yoga instructor Ella's nephew Russell, lunch w/ Katia (and see with my own two eyes her incredible Blessingway beads & her sweet setup for the baby), then popped to KK's nursery and then I was off. Wow. Sort of a side note... I'm still holding my breath for KK to go into labor. It's such an exciting thing to be awaiting. Her husband Joe, as usual, had the many funny quips going about the "fetal eviction process" etc.


  1. Helen, I love the blog about the week at the class. Wow what an exhausting ordeal but one that really stretched you, huh? I’m proud, Sweetie Pie, you are really something. You have the blog down pat. Maybe part of your package should be a blog from your perspective of the wedding preps….. J cool idea huh? It would be a journal or diary for them…

    But you should probably put together a blog just for that purpose, aimed at your target market. But you’ve gotten so good at doing them and making them fun, entertaining, moving, with great pictures. It would be really neat to see couples enjoy that and pay you for it ;-)

  2. Hey, you. Thanks for the message. When's a good time to talk? BTW, I (and I use the singular here on purpose) had an AWESOME wedding in Boulder, despite the marriage being such a disaster. People *still* talk about what a great wedding it was. If you want to know about vendors, etc. I'd be happy to share!