Friday, April 07, 2006

a new addiction


because I'm totally pissed off
that it's so hard to find
a unique, funky web-designer
whose style I like,
who is available
and who doesn't cost $5k

so I'm going to do it on my own


my favorites so far:
bride & groom
mature bride & groom
table decor
bride, flower girl & ring bearer
happy bride
B&G on beach
table decor blue

I got into this obsession earlier tonight, thinking that I should just go back to school and learn web design. Obsession. I can't stop. I want a super great website. Dammit. I feel like I'm being such a brat about it but I know it is a relflection of me, it says within two seconds: this is my style, this is who I am and what I have to offer. And I want that to make a strong statement, where they are drawn in by that style. The two most successful wedding consultants in this area have super old school sites. Seriously. Not to compare or anything. But I'm modern! I'm fresh! Or something. And most certainly up past my bedtime...


  1. do you have frontpage (the program)? It's pretty easy to use to make websites. you can also get premade layouts at alot of sites for free, check out mine: I got it at it's mostly cartoon character layouts but if you search you can find some nice elegant ones. :)

  2. Hey girl...
    The Easter party today was so much fun. Thanks for all your hard work. My girl had a blast.
    Give me a call so we can work out a time for you to come over.