Thursday, April 27, 2006

New Moon Intentions

This new moon in Taurus:

    1. I want to easily increase the flow of my income while living luxuriously within my means.
    2. I want to be making yum food for myself.
    3. I want to enjoy and appreciate my free time.
    4. I want to explore and experience the sensual pleasures of life.
    5. I want to let go of any pressures of trying to prove myself.
    6. I want to continue to experience magic & miracles unfolding in my life.
    7. I want to easily reduce consumer debt.
    8. I want to be content with local, resorative vacations and have an incredible beach retreat this year.
    9. I want to easily keep my moods steady and be sleeping hard & heavy most nights.
    10. I want my self-expression in "work" settings to be playful & authentic.

1 comment:

  1. I love them! I love that your voice sounds "breezier" and you are including intentions that are softer and really enjoyable... have fun on your date! Can't wait to hear about the hottie! xoxo