Saturday, April 15, 2006

whew, big day

I went down to Denver for my friend Lettecia's housewarming party. Wow, she has completely re-done her place, it's gorgeous. And, she went from being a teacher to completing a training program and now is a certified Coach. She's going to give me a sample session. I'm very interested in this because I've always wondered what the difference is between psychotherapy and coaching. I've certainly gotten a lot of coaching through all my courses at Landmark, but especially now with my new business I wonder what that would be like to have someone holding me accountable, keeping me from my bad habits. Afterwards I stopped off at Elyse's (Shira's sister) shoe store, Strut, to check out the new wall mural, which was designed by Katia. It's beautiful in person!

Then Jamie met me at Home Depot for some flower shopping and we spent the rest of the night watching, harrassing and laughing at Willow! I am growing some "spring greens" for him that he loves, and I think this is the funniest picture I have ever taken of him - can you see his tongue?! I swear, he should be a cat model.

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