Wednesday, May 17, 2006

and then it was time

And then suddenly
the day was
right now
and even up to the very last 5 minutes
there was one more task
that no one else could do
and even I
couldn't believe
how "needed" I was
very bothersome
in many ways
but off I go
and oh, so many came
to wish me well
from the top dog
to the WFB
even my WB
had a hard time letting go...
and yet there ain't one tear
It's been good,
I grew up there, truly,
but girlfriends
it's time to go
in fact it's past time
so I'm done,
that's it.
It's over.
Not one more day there ever.

I love this picture - a final word with my boss

and you know, it's funny
how the hardest things
sneak up on you sideways
for me today
it was deleting
the email folder

1 comment:

  1. Hey Girl,

    J told me that the official e-mail notice went out yesterday that you no longer worked there. I bet it seems crazy that it's over after so many years. Congrats on all the new changes!