Friday, May 26, 2006

deep & random thoughts by helen

I love my new laptop that I can sit in an airport with and chat with Ari online while waiting to board.

I love who I am. Finally thank you thank you. Taking a bow. I really am getting me. What I mean to say is, what I have found in this journey is that all that I ever really need to do is "be myself". How simple. How powerful. How groovalicious.

I love my boobs and as long as I feel sexy in what I'm wearing I should share my cleavage with the world. !!!

Damn the men who don't call. Fuckem. There are sooooo many more to play with. Who enjoy not only my cleavage show but the heart 'n soul underneath.

I'm super proud of how I went about creating myself anew at my new workplace. I decided that I don't like to complain nor gossip (NOT saying I never do, I just don't like it), or be around people who are doing this. I did an excellent job of navigating that several times this week, as the flapjaws like to get their flaps going early on with people. I was tested and I exited cleanly, quickly.

A good night of sleep + a latte = happy Helen. Trying to recreate this happy Helen with a latte but minus the sleep = flop. Waste of $3.50.

Wishing everyone a super great holiday weekend. I'm "doing" a wedding tomorrow and then my big Estes Park wedding is the following Saturday (eeeka as Lucky would say). I'm nervous/excited about that one. But the stories & the journey are all happening, side by side.


  1. Your self-celebration is WAY inspiring!! I need to find a few things to pat my own back about. Seriously.

    You ARE the bomb!

  2. Anonymous12:58 AM

    can i share your cleavage