Sunday, May 14, 2006

first final walk-through

I had my first big final walk-through for my huge-mongo wedding at the Stanley on June 3rd. The Bride is a teacher and she is so amazingly organized, they are so wonderful to work with. The site is gorgeous, I'm thrilled this is my first big one. My timeline for the day is 7 pages long and now it will be 8 since I need to draw a room diagram. I think perhaps my two biggest concerns right now are 1) how can I finish this bride's timeline & my May 27th bride before I leave for San Francisco this Friday for my new job !! and 2) what the hell kind of cute shoes will be comfortable enough for me to be on my feet for 10 hours that day (our instructor said she thinks a wedding coordinator walks 10 miles easily on the day of a wedding). We shall see! Posted by Picasa

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