Saturday, June 10, 2006


We all learned today that Corissa's family call her Cori! Happy graduation from Naropa Corissa (she got her masters in their art therapy program). That's Becca's super sweet Mimi in her arms with Dylan - Leslie's daugter who is "gently gently" touching Mimi. It was so nice to get out of the heat and especially hang with the girls. Although, why I do ever wear white? I managed to get two kinds of salsa all down my front bib.

I was really proud of myself at one point, someone was asking about my new job and I just said simply that I didn't really want to talk about it. It was the honest truth - I'm trying very hard to get away away away, to disconnect completely, get a good break in before everything hits again on Monday. It was a very very big week plus the travel = stress. I am attempting to "handle" pressure in a different way than I used to, but stress is stress I guess. There's only so many ways to deal with basically having two huge new jobs at once. And both of them booming. Wow. I'm just doing the best I can. And, as an afterthought, I am wondering when I'm going to take a vacation, I mean a real vacation. The two words that come to mind are beach and sex. Ha! Isn't that funny??
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