Friday, June 23, 2006

miles from my home

Boulder, CO US

Mountain View, CA US

Total = 1293 miles

truly spectacular women
have come into my life
~ role models ~
they see me and I see them
it's beautiful

somewhere along the way this week
I went numb
I have 192 unread emails
isn't that just slightly unreasonable...
it's ridiculous actually!
and instead of being pissed
I find it funny
and I'm in the middle of it
it's not even manageable
yesterday @ our offsite
oh it was a miraculous day, truly
overlooking the ocean
a work day
very good
a boost for me in so many ways
watching myself
just be vivaciously bold
even though I'm "new"
it didn't matter
I came out
loud and proud
always something to say
always contributing
the Ideator
funny... finally seeing something matched up
and our VP said to the whole group
that really my team was a bomb that had gone off
and they hired me to come be the hero
the leader
clean up the dead bodies
repair the city
build the fences
hire fire gather resources.
it's a big fucking job.
my exhuastion,
I wish to come home
into arms
wrapping round me
but instead
I wandered alone
Whole Foods &
Prairie Home Companion
*patient sigh*
there is waiting
or wanting
anything else
but just being here
with myself
knowing someday I will be up to my eyeballs
in laundry and babies & such.
So I savor my high season
as it is.
ella de espana
dice que
yo soy una mujer especial
ella es increible tambien
pero hay algo, hay algo
ella no recuerde
nosotros todo miedo
camino resistente
pies sangrientos
corazon fuerte

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  1. Whole Foods and Prairie Home Companion have nurtured me and dispelled my lonliness many, many times. And I'm married!