Friday, June 23, 2006

strange dreams lately

* What does a cow symbolize? we were having a candlelit party and suddenly a BIG cow, I mean a big cow, tried to start getting under the fence! it might eat our sheep (or dog?), mom is going after it with a stick! I'm afraid. It's trying to get into our patio! I yell at the big momma cow GO AWAY.

* Julie from gradeschool! In a 7-11 hi oh my god what are you doing here how have you been so good to see you let's get each others numbers but then all the sorority girls start to arrive and I'm excited to see them all, it's been years, and they are lukewarm and hollow and I am confused and dampened. need to get up the hill to the store and the path is slimey moss covered roots and it's so steep, how am I going to drive down it? all those girls in a care just driving away, they don't care that I was here, they just leave.

* Lucia! Pete gave me her to sleep in my arms. I'm talking to Katia on the phone and Luchi wakes up but I don't have diapers so I'm asking her if I can use the hotel towels for her diaper.

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  1. Jenita6:44 PM

    Hola Bella,

    A little late but I just did some reading and was inspired to share.

    Next time big momma cow comes in perhaps you can ask her to stay a while and share her wisdom...

    The Egyptian Mother Goddess Hathor was symbolized by the horns of a cow... The crescent horns of fertility connect to the moon cycle -- one side waning, one side waxing... Apparently, in Asia and Africa, the Moon goddess wore cows' horns...

    Interesting, this dream next to your intention to "be aware of myself honoring the Sacred Feminine / Divine Mother."

    Don't be afraid. Moooooooooooo!