Sunday, June 04, 2006

the wedding planner's point of view

It was gorgeous
(and hot as in sweaty hot)
and I rocked it, I must say
even impressed myself!!
and especially really understood
at the end of the night
when bride, groom,
parents, DJ, photographer
raved and raved and raved
about how I pulled it all together
something has shifted in me
I get me
I do
I rock
(without ego, okay maybe some)
they thanked me and thanked me
but I didn't need it
no, for real,
a woman standing in her power
doing what comes raw & strong
bossing people around (ha!)
no, but with ease & grace
it came so pure & sweet
a natural delight
at the end of the night
such a sense of joy
hard to explain
that kind of fulfillment
to be so close with the bride
all day long
even to the very last moment
parents mistakenly took my purse & stuff
I raced back, didn't know where they were
and there's bride & groom (in full attire) hiking off to fast food
got to be the last of the last
funny, really,
didn't expect to be so tight with them
through the night
became like family
what a treasure to give them the gift of their day
and omg
bride got broom this enormous gift
huge basket stocked with wine
tags on each bottle
*1st house
*5 yr anniversary
*1st child's wedding
*25th anniversary
isn't that adorable?
p.s. Dad gave me a super fatty tip!!

for all of it
and especially
to my yoga instructor Ella
Weds, Thurs, Sunday
restoring me
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  1. You do rock! This is off the subject at hand, but I thought you would derive immense pleasure from the fact that I clogged up toilet doing my a-hem, duty, in a dream! How super is that? Multi dimensional clogging as it were...

    Again, you rock... even moreso because you know it.


  2. YAY! You rock! Hope to see you soon in CO. Will be there the 20th - 25th then the 30th - July 3rd.

  3. Anonymous6:58 PM

    That is the coolest! I was so touched I cried. Way to go girl!

    (you did get your purse back right??)

    Love you! terribly proud!