Saturday, July 08, 2006

Number Three

My favorite number!
Just finished my third wedding
and man oh man I am tired.
I've found that in party planning
just when you sit back and think
"I'm done now"
or "everything is all set"
it never is!
This one was only 90 guests
so off I trotted
then suddenly there was an accident in the canyon
so I backtracked & went the long way around
Wedding Planner was 45 minutes late!
It was *complete* and total MAYHEM when I arrived
Kind of funny actually
the Groom has NINE siblings
8 brothers, 1 sister
they're all named after Gone With The Wind Characters:
Rhett, Brent, Beau, Carey, Ashley
Cade, Alex, Stuart, Rene & Scarlett
Isn't that just amazing?
Anyway, in my wedding planner class
we learned about the control freak hostesses
(church coordinators, venue owners)
and tonight oh boy did I meet one.
Every single vendor (photographer, DJ, caterer, Officiant)
said they would discourage a B&G
from having their wedding at this place because of HER.
We'll be nice and call her Dragon Lady.
I had several accounters with the firebreathingwoman,
the worst of which included her saying she had a question
while this darling *darling* flowergirl came up to me crying,
tugging at my skirt
so I picked her up and said "oh, sweetheart, what?"
and this woman literally covered the little girl's mouth
and said "no, you listen to me, not that child"
what I know
is that no one listened to the dragon
when she was a child
having compassion
as I breathe breathe breathe and forgive her
and myself too, for being so damn late!
I'm getting so excited for my website
Xiren is just about to show me what he's got...

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