Tuesday, August 29, 2006


the itch
to be at burning man
is surprising me

also to note -
this makes THREE years
in a row
that I notice a fairly serious
of depression around this time of year
the past two I thought were post-burn related
(and could be part of it)
but also common
to relate to the changing season
beginning to wilt
like the trees as they soften
and curl up
as the temperatures drop
and light fades...

maybe too
it's the nip in the air here
I'm cold at night
and I remember
how you wake
at 3 and 5 and 7
shuffling in your tent
to stay warm
not wanting to wake up
because the crust is so disgusting
in your hair and on your feet
it's like silt in its odd softness
and you can't get clean
any time of night or morning
thump thump thump
some tunes from somewhere
people on their trip(s)
the only options
are the portapotties
and they are toooo far away
so hold on hold on
sunrise on the playa...
absolute ridiculous brilliance


  1. Jenita9:00 AM

    What I just read....

    "The month before our birthdays is the dark moon phase of our yearly age cycle...

    It is natural for feelings of uncertainty and fear to surface during this time. There is less energy available for outer activities and meeting the expectations of others, because the purpose of the dark phase is for focusing on the inner dimensions of our bodies and minds. If we can learn to attune ourselves to the natural rhythms of ebb and flow in our lives, we can use the intrinsic function of the dark times for healing and renewal. When we resist this inward motion in our psyche, then anxiety, stress, and fear are more likely to take hold of our emotions."

    Not like it's the truth or anything, but yeah huh?


  2. Lady I am feelng you
    My body is aching for the playa
    physically aching
    I am so feeling you
    Just know we are creating space for other things

    And around your cycle
    good that you notice this
    Sept is always a quiet time
    we are animals we begin to hibernate to go inside to be internal to take stock inventory to be real i miss you keep your head up don't worry big love miss you and do something special for yourself on sat pm do a ritual do a burn you can do it keep praying...