Wednesday, September 06, 2006

chock full of dreams, I am

i dreamt
I peed in a urinal
and exclaimed
I know women can do this
(it's so unfairthat we can't just whip it out
or squat and not get pee on our shoes)

i dreamt
becca & bill
brought us divorce papers
it was snowing outside
i dreamt
mi madre and i were at a monastery
an ashramin a meditation room
i returned to my bunk
to care for mimi
went to wash my hands
and i returned but baby was gone!
that man stole her!
over there i see you!
GIVE HER BACK(i saved her)
then i held him down by the wrists
but his compadre tried to steal my cash$800 in cash i had

then today like in one of those like-a-dream states,
I was joking with my physical therapist
that I wish I could just put a little duplicate doll of him in my room
so I could get adjusted every morning
and he joked, oh the innuendo, "what else would you do"
and I blurted out
omg seriously he thinks I'm a dominatrix now
or that I have repressed issues of anger with men.
Wow. that's a tough one.

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