Sunday, September 17, 2006

Spairy Godmother

today marked the start
of my "grandaddy power period"
(according to Jan Spiller)
once in a year, she says
so I'm trying it
(you get to make 40 wishes!)

another ritual,
Melinda & Amelia
up we went
Left Hand Canyon
up up to Long Lake
it was icy and farrrrreaking COLD
like Winter, not Fall!
Holy snow & ice BRRRR

of course we found the perfect spot
& Melinda saged me
as I lay back on a fallen tree
& Amelia burned black copal
and they sang

the river is flowing
flowing & growing
the river is flowing
down to the sea
oh mother carry me
child I will always be
oh mother carry me
carry me. home

and many other miracles
& runnings around
frolicking in the snow
and literally hugging trees
I dug and I dug
for what is not there
& then we gave the river
my wishes that were goals
we gave them away
making room for true wishes

and then the final miracle of all,
we lit the sea goddess
such a powerful symbol
& Amelia asked if I could make sure
to bring her to the birth
then she surprised me by sharing
the role she wants me to play for her son
... like a spirit fairy godmother ...
wow what an honor!


  1. a horoscope I read just now that feels right on:

    For the next six months you are likely to be more aware of unconscious behaviors on your part that have been sabotaging both you and your relationships. These deep revelations will empower you to release habits that are not to your advantage. You have the opportunity to put your world in a new and healthier order

  2. brava darling. i love how you live on purpose!!!! your blessing sounds AMAZING.

  3. Anonymous6:29 PM

    What an incredible day you had! And I love how you told the story so that I could imagine the experience in my mind! You are such a powerful storyteller... A real gift with words and language. When will I see you? I can't go to lunessence because I have to work... I miss you!


  4. Anonymous4:31 PM

    only typing with one hand so short...

    sounds powerful, amazing, deep, spiritual, healing, playful, committed!


  5. I want to enjoy that same experience.