Sunday, September 24, 2006

Wedding # 7, Candace & Steven

And wow did we go out with a bang
this was the most intricate ceremony yet
they walked the labyrinth
it was amazing!
The site coordinator
(a Columbian)
looked at me with a raised eyebrow and said
"what religion is this?"
religion of the earth
of the spirit world
calling upon the ancients
it truly inspired me,
I want more like this
... and look at her father's friends
in the elevator ~ they were ADORABLE...
it made me want grandparents
It always amazes me how on the go I am during the whole night
I never stop pacing things, going up & down stairs
always have my eye on the couple
as one guest said, I really serve them, provide service
I wait on them hand & foot really
ensuring their intentions are met
and the one who wins the most exhausted prize
at the end of the night is me.
I'm going to spend the winter
looking back & looking forward
keying in on what works and what I learned
and come spring we shall see
the direction for One Enchanted Wedding


  1. consuelo2:51 PM

    Wow...I am so impressed with what you do. Makes me want to get married again, to the same man of course!
    Congratulaions on #7!

  2. The website looks fabulous!

  3. you go girl. funny...i was going to say what the two abve commenters said: love that irridescent tunic and the website is SO tasty. good work!

  4. Hey there! I am at TYS in Mykonos and they are here! What a small world we inhabit!
    Ciao bella.