Thursday, October 05, 2006


Over my birthday weekend I really bonded with my dad... several beautiful things happened that weekend, one of which was on my birthday itself. My sweet friends gave me 34 things they love about me (written on little pieces of paper) and my dad was included too! Then that evening we went down to the temple (ISKON = hare krsna) where he was a devotee and lived / served for 5 years in the early 70s. My brother and I spent weekends with he and my stepmother, so we would attend 4:30am devotions, dressed in saris and chanting, swaying, clapping among them all. The smells & colors were so beautiful and being there as an adult brought this warm goodness feeling over me... in contrast to how most of my life how I hid that both of my parents practiced "different" (STRANGE) religions (my mom was a Baha'i). As I grow older I appreciate more and more the beauty of diversity and being raised in homes that valued having a "personal relationship with God" versus having a religion that is the RIGHT one. Just lovely. I could write a lot more about God and religion and chanting but I'll save that for some other time...

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