Friday, October 20, 2006

on the other side

Here we are on the other side
of my power period.
I realized I haven't shared my 40 wishes yet.
so here they are.

  1. I want a great man who I spend time with and who has a great lifestyle. We laugh experience amazing sex together
  2. I want to burn away the sorrow
  3. I want to be remembering all my wishes come true
  4. I want to be aware of what I want
  5. I want to burn away beliefs that keep away what I want
  6. I want $1000 extra per month
  7. I want a really wonderful connected glorious holiday season
  8. I want new kitchen cabinets, dishwasher, windows & faucet!
  9. I want sassy clothes & shoes!
  10. I want yummy dinner parties, brunches & happy hours with friends
  11. I want to be biking & skiing
  12. I want to work with intelligent, kind & playful people and be passionate and engaged in my work
  13. I want to primarily be doing work that is about connecting with and building relationships, people & community
  14. I want my yoga practice to evolve into a higher spiritual learning practice
  15. I want a meditation area that is vibrant & beckons me
  16. I want my office area to be nurturing, simple & beautiful
  17. I want to be being kind & gentle with myself
  18. I want to notice all the gorgeous available men around me
  19. I want to bask in the Fall shift
  20. I want to really clear our my place / Fall clening
  21. I want to honor that there's a season for everything
  22. I am here now
  23. I want to be naming what I want
  24. I want to have a great visit with my dad
  25. I want to remember that I am wonderful & valued (the Universe wants me)
  26. I want to honor how far I've come in this healing journey
  27. I want to see and know what the part of me that is messy, cluttery & procrastinates needs
  28. I want to be listening to (emotion) what's underneaht my behaviors, especially when I feel impulsive & reactionary
  29. I want to be laughing & having fun
  30. I want to rest deeply when I really need it (and let go / stopping of always being productive)
  31. I want to realie the work that is my heart's truest calling
  32. I want to engage with my mom & dad in meaningful spiritual conversations / take the wisdom they offer
  33. I want to rise & set with the sun
  34. I want to take piano lessons with a great teacher that's perfect for me
  35. I want to recognize those around me here to assist on my path
  36. I want to love the furniture in my home
  37. I want to witness the miracle of the Field Willingness
  38. I want to easily be at peace in everyday life
  39. I want to blame nothing / forgive everything
  40. I want to fall in love with myself


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  1. BAM! and you deserve all of it! Big love, XT