Monday, October 30, 2006

A visitor

Tom Tom Tom. Isn't he adorable? We had a great weekend and he got to be "very Boulder" with me... yoga, hiking Sanitas, quinoa, Chez Thuy, talking chakras & Asia traveling with M&M... just delicious. What was most wonderful for me about the weekend was being held in the space of so very precious, so very amazing, so very grounded. It really really called out to me, loud and clear, like a bullhorn: HELEN YOU ARE FABULOUS, LISTEN! It was so loud if I didn't hear it and sit in it again the universe would repeat. It was good. And Tom is just sweet sweet sweet. We laughed we cried we grew. And now he's back home in Florida. And no, I am not doing a LDR. He's my new & dear friend and we are forever richer for having met each other. He's doing the Forum this weekend!

1 comment:

  1. Thank you for being the most beautiful woman on this planet. I have grown so much in the month that i have known you. I have spent only a small pertentage of that time at your side, but I feel as if we have been buddies for years. You have opened my shell, introducing me to the world. I will love you forever. Yoga, the Forum, Willow, almost passing out after an incredible hike (piece of cake for you), and spending time in you home/life; enlightening beyond explanation!