Thursday, November 02, 2006

Amelia's Blessingway

Welcome Women,

Mothers & Sisters

~ to Amelia’s Blessingway ~

Today we will circle around
Calling in the stories, spirits & energies
Of all the women for centuries
Who have gathered around
Drawing together
To prepare for Birth…

This sacred rite of passage
Touching into the lineage
of feminine power,
The capability & confidence
every woman brings
to this natural cycle,
this fluid & able body
Bringing life to earth

Please take a moment
To stop here
In this quiet space
And breathe
let the outside world fall away

When you’re ready,
Step inside this doorway silently,
Placing your food offering on the bar to the left,
And make yourself tea if you wish

Then take one delicious moment
To adorn yourself
As a high priestess
… Perhaps a scarf,
Maybe a piece of jewelry,
or possibly a lotion or scent…

Please join us
In the circle
For a silent meditation
As we draw the energy together

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