Sunday, November 12, 2006

Another Wedding

This time I wasn't putting on the wedding... just a guest
Divya & Darmadar got married, a hare krsna wedding
they sat in front of the fire "pit" / an altar
with fruits & seeds & scents
midway through there was a lot of chanting,
drums, clapping, cling cling cling
I chanted along bc I know the chants
and it drops me into such a zone, a state of presence
especially being among a group who is chanting & dancing
then we feasted on the most delicious vegetarian food
and wedding cake
I felt like I couldn't get enough
my father's old friend Prana said "you are hungry" to me!
you can watch a bit on video here


  1. Your day is coming soon! I just said how gorgeous you look in red. The setting sounds so festive, and exciting.

  2. yay for business!!! Is your site up and running yet?

  3. it sure is!

  4. It looks really nice! :) I'm so proud of you.