Sunday, November 26, 2006


(clearly I've had a blogging breakthrough
& it's back to let me show you everything I do in a day)
So I got this tremendous honor last week
My boss thanked me for my positive attitude during the acquisition
and rewarded me with a $2500 bonus
It just had to be announced.
Because that's a lotta cash to get in one check!
Outta nowhere
except, not really, because I've been envisioning
big chunks of money in my account
(p.s. have you watched the Secret?)
Anyway, today I hit up Nordstrom's
with P&J's bday gift to me
I am *dangerous* there
Picked up a holiday party dress
va va VOOM
got my makeup done
WOW do I feel hot.


  1. You GO, girl! Settle for nothing less than "I am so lucky, you are fabulous" in a man. You know, we know many men who think that about you.

    And the dress IS hot!

    The Secret ROCKS.

    Come visit Switzerland with just a little chunk of that change. Or let's meet somewhere else if you like.

    Glad to have you back in the blogosphere.

  2. Wowza! That dress is gorgeous. You look beeyootiful! SO sorry to hear about the fizzle. l still look forward to meeting him next (!!! :) weekend. I will get to meet him, won't I?

  3. amazing. An intelligent sexy woman like you probably has a dozen "kings" that you don't even know about. Don't worry about the fizzle, Live and Breathe!

  4. Ohh Laaa laaa!

  5. Yahoooooo!!! I love this Helen! :) Keep it up and go get em!!! xoxo

  6. Anonymous9:47 AM

    There's a man who sends her medals
    He is bleeding from the war
    There's a jouster and a jester and a man who owns a store
    There's a drummer and a dreamer
    And you know there may be more
    She will love them when she sees them
    They will lose her if they follow
    And she only means to please them
    And her heart is full and hollow
    Like a cactus tree
    While she's so busy being free

    ~Joni Mitchell
    "Cactus Tree"

    P.S. serious dress!

  7. Anonymous12:08 AM

    Yowza! Lookin' good, my dear!