Saturday, November 11, 2006


Wow, whackadoo dreams of late.

Two dreams in the past week about Burning Man. Both were about me trying to find a "spot" for me. In both, my 'licians had arrived much earlier and I was late, would there be enough room for me, was there a place for me? A feeling of not having enough and especially about feeling on the outside, unsure of being taken care of. In the most recent, I was seeking XT and out from her tent slumber she came! Big open beautiful welcoming eyes, folding me into her arms. Very sweet. Then I realized I had forgotten water for the week! KK had come along with me but she had remembered hers. And I had forgotten my bedding! So I called Migdal to see if he could help me out... what are those messages??

Last night I dreamt twice about Mark. The second dream was amazing. We were up at his house (which sits on 36 acres plopped in a meadow, just incredible place). My sister & brother were there (Subhadra & Matt) and we were all going to have dinner. Subhadra and I immediately went into the water(s) of his spa etc. He doesn't in real life have this but it was this huge room of pools & showers of warm water. It was amazingly symbolic for me. Matt was out exploring the grounds, climbing trees, almost from a boy-like innocence. I went to check in on Mark because I felt a little guilty for just lounging in the waters, and walking in to the kitchen I dribbled water all behind me. He and I went out onto the property, kind of like a straight up scene out of a slow motion video, holding hands and kind of running all around... through the grass smiling & laughing. Amazing.


  1. And that of course is what I would do if I would see you in the flesh! LOtsa water in your dream lady, whatta ya think about all of it?

  2. absolutely, all that water! water = sexuality, healing, mother earth... I thought it was fascinating that my sister was in the water with me, have noticied for years that she represents the innocence of my sexuality as we grew up "playing house" and playing doctor together...

  3. Anonymous9:46 PM

    turns out he is more amazing
    in the dream
    safer, sweet
    more alive...
    he's so slow
    so sort of passive
    don't know if it's lack of passion
    or if it's just
    carefully guarded habit