Tuesday, November 21, 2006

New Moon in Scorpio ~ when you wish upon a star

  1. I want to date a man who I love to be with, who values me & just thinks I'm really special.
  2. I want to hang out & have fun with my menfriends.
  3. I want to easily transform my home environment every day to be clear & clean so that I can be deeply present.
  4. I want to easily flow through the demands of this work environment with a sense of graceful power.
  5. I want to readily envision everything I want by seeing it (which makes it real).
  6. I want to practice self-mastery through meditation & the breath.
  7. I want to easily envision doing work that I love & knowing I'm just about to receive.
  8. I want to find myself using my full power to complete home projects.
  9. I want to rest in the deep emotional bonding of sexual intimacy.
  10. I want to confidently embrace change in the area of work.

1 comment:

  1. You are the most amazing woman. You know, you are going to get everything you wish for because you are so true in your heart. You make things happen, and that makes things happen for you!
    I still envy you and all the things you believe in.
    Love you, always, Tom