Tuesday, November 21, 2006


As mentioned, I keep been noticing lately how little I post on my bloggity blog anymore. I was telling a friend tonight that suddenly the concept of "anyone in the world can read this" has confronted me. I just realized right this very very second that there is someone in particular that I don't want to stumble upon this. Ever. And that one person is someone I want to write about. At length. Not about this person but about me and what I experience with this person. Could I be any more vague??

People have suggested that I could password protect the site, create a new site, etc. Truly when I started this blog it was such a buzz, so much fun. I could share & write about my life, in the privacy of my own home, and use creative colors & fonts and just gush gush... and need I say, pictures pictures & more pictures (of food!). And the more I shared it with people at large, the more fun it was for me. I have certainly had "readers" say they feel a little bit like a stalker in the sense that they really don't talk to me that often at all but they do peek in on my life & love to hear how I'm doing, but reading along with all my dark & deepest secrets is different than getting together once a year over a latte, ya know?

Part of the excitement of this blog for me was redesigning & playing with colors all the the time, a bad bad manic little habit of mine which drove one very talented artist friend of mine nuts (won't name names here but recently she outed my lazy ass that I DRIVE to the trailhead that is less than a 10 minute walk from my house). Anyway, I'm excited because Denise, a super warm-hearted candle-dancing artist (btw check out her online store, it's amazing) is designing a new masthead for me . I love it. Now I just have to come up with a picture of me. It suddenly occurred to me to pull a pic from Anginet's Wonder Woman photoshoot with me. There was one she did that she turned into a cartoonish B&W. Have to dig that out.


The one thing I don't want to do is go have one of those mysterious silences, an existential blog identity crisis.

So. I stay. And write. And share and be me and be honest. Happy almost Thanksgiving! I am grateful. For everything. And you!


  1. I am sooooo having the same thoughts about starting over somewhere else to have the blog be secret, just us again. Stefan -- god I love him anyway -- tld his parents about my blog and so the day I got the stat counter off your blog and installed it I was thinking, "Who in GERMANY is surfing all over my blog. Gulp. Shit. I wanna edit it now.

    But I think it's important not to.

    ANd I may get Dooced... I know that could happen. I don't really care, but it's always there... that I have to edit, that I can't really use the blog anymore for what I intended it for, for how it started.

    Oh, woe is us. The perils of fame. LOL!


  2. Be who you want to be ... and if the person you speak of is scared or that ... well, then, you both have learned, right?

    xoxox m

  3. Anonymous7:11 AM

    so glad you stay...and be yourself...as one of Tessa's little books says: "I love who you are, I love what you do..."

    I do feel a special kinship with a handful of blogging women whom I've never met (you included :). When I was in grade school I had pen pals, and I always thrilled to send or receive notes from them. I see blogging as a grown-up, instant-gratificaion version of the pen pal relationship.