Saturday, December 16, 2006

All in a week

Sunday, breakfast with Jamie @ the Kitchen, our mutual favorite
Annual Awards Recognition Event
We did a spooof on David Letterman
me as Courtney Cox & Grindle as Princess Grace
I won the Process Improvement Award of the year
$250 bones, very nice
Nice to be recognized
My mentors, three of the greatest women

First monthly slumber party with Wisdom chicas
Question / Answer


  1. Anonymous8:54 AM

    cool cool cool! i want to hear more about the wisdom sleepover...

  2. Hello! Where r u?

  3. Jenita2:05 PM

    Hola hermosa,

    Um, you're gonna have to send me an email or call or something cause I'm just lost and I can't decifer the hidden messages within the posts any longer -- no matter how many times I read the same post over and over. Question? Answer? Him? His? Not convenient? What? Please send help.

    Plus, just wanted to stop by and say I think you're fabulous and I dig you a lot.

    Peace and much love,