Thursday, December 21, 2006

"Helen running around with her head cut off"

my coworker bit the head off her homeade gingerbread cookies
& wrote this on a stickie note for me yesterday morning
oy, it's busy times for me
I have *so* many posts I need to post
getting snowboard lessons tomorrow @ Eldora (they got 20+ inches)
last night I got cabin fever
and walked (knee deep snow) from my house to the mall
it was so magical and quiet
no cars on the street
slipping & sliding
it's just my favorite thing to be outside after a big storm like that


  1. consuelo11:39 AM

    Don't you just love the workout you get from walking in snow that deep?

  2. Gail Kearney1:19 PM

    I remember when I was ten we went to my aunts house where we always spent Christmas and there was such a bad storm with snow drifts bigger than me!! We always drove there,but this year in 1965 we walked because the roads weren't cleared. I remember that year's Christmas more than others. Maybe because we took the time to walk together to a home and family for the holidays. Isn't that what Christmas is all about? Now I look forward to new holidays with my new family! I LOVE YOU!!!