Wednesday, December 13, 2006

I'm still standin'

(H likes the stand-up workstation)
I'm back @ HQ in Mountain View, CA
once again
but this time
it's like hospice
things are so quiet here
like the end of an era
there's palpable sadness
that this great funky edgy racy culture
is coming to a close
not to mention the fact that
our new employer is dragging their heels
to inform who is staying & who is going
(transition date is Feb 1 but oy, I need some notice, ya know??)
anyway so everyone else is kinda slow
but not me, I'm on the lead team
for the transition data
then come Jan 1
I lead the team who processes
all the severance terminations
again, OY
that song comes to mind
should I stay or should I go now
what do I really want?
I don't have time to even really think about it,
I'm so busy!
Thank *goodness* for my amazing Willow-sitter
She brought him to work with her today!
How cute is that??

1 comment:

  1. Great morning, wonderful. I know you are busy, just want to say hi and wish you a great day. I want you to know, you are so loved. Anything that happens in your life, is what is suppose to happen and that is where you seem great. no matter where your life leads you, you will take the reigns and lead it! The pictures of you in your life are so nice. I love to beable to see you in your everyday world, it feels like you are right there. Miss you, hope to see you soon.