Wednesday, December 20, 2006

New Moon in Sagitarrius

  1. I want to easily find myself connecting with the guidance that is the natural ease of the universe
  2. I want to play & connect with nature
  3. I want to easily be having spontaneous adventures
  4. I want the tendency toward impulsive excesses to be nipped @ the source
  5. I want ot easily experience faith & excitement about what is to come in my career
  6. I want to easily find myself filled with courage in directly communicating my needs
  7. I want to set aside time to seek answers & find solutions to what's next at work
  8. I want to continue excellent self-care
  9. I want to experience the possibility of the perfect men & experiences showing up as divine intervention
  10. I want to experience piece of mind about my career

I forgot to post these on 12/20/06!!

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