Sunday, December 10, 2006

Time of my Life

Last night was one of those "I've had the time of my life" kind of nights (dirty dancing and all)~ It was the Boulder office Mercury holiday party
Which I helped plan of course, complete with an ice sculpture that doubled as a luge for martini pouring and a dark chocolate fondue fountain!

Every bit of it was sweet
Being the last hoorah and all
Plus these people, the Mercury culture
is all about being racy, edgy
so everyone is just freaking FUN & happy
I'm so so glad I found my home there
Oh, and my girls...
Susie & Laura are on my Boulder team
we just have the *best* chemistry
we laugh all day at work but we can get shit done too
In fact Susie teases me for being so intense & never taking breaks
We joke about me being so BOSSY
But all in all they've conveyed that they love me as a Boss
And that is so validating and wonderful to hear
(MY boss is the one in the black dress to my left -
she's been such a role model to me)
P.S. Patricia's been my holiday party date for 3 years in the running. I honestly would NOT have more fun with anyone else. She rocks.


  1. consuelo4:13 PM

    You and Patricia look like you're having a blast! Can I work in your office :)?

  2. Anonymous1:47 PM

    What a beautiful pair of sisters! I still cannot believe that Patricia is now this grown up, sexy, beautiful woman. She'll always be the little girl in the princess mask that Holly McEvoy and I took to the zoo years ago. :)

    Love and mis you guys - Kathleen.

  3. beautiful blue shirt! HOT