Tuesday, January 02, 2007

2006 In a nutshell

I'm proud that in 2006:
  • I started my first business, and I rocked it
  • I FINALLY got the hell out of Roche and into a new job at Mercury, and I rocked it
  • I became a manager! I'm a boss of 3! Although they say I'm rather intense, I know that I create a super fun & playful work environment that also provides opportunities of 1:1 coaching / encouragement / inspiration a'la Helen style
  • I devoted myself to my yoga practice & found a treasure of joy & strength & peace inside of my body & breath that is... precious! rejuvenating! beautiful...
  • I worked the moon cycles & dug into the "laws of attraction"
  • I found my way to being STABLE through committed exercise, smart drugs, my little light box, therapy & doing what I knew would make me feel good tomorrow
  • I dated! I let myself grow close to someone & grew past that skittish nervous girl thing. I trusted my instincts & watched & listened to what I was learning about him & ultimately let it go, even though it's killing me still...
  • I bonded with my Daddy! Really, though, I just fell in love with all my family. They're all truly just awesome & fun.
  • And finally, perhaps best of all, I came to peace with me. I have realized & remembered all that I am and all that I have to offer. I am here on this planet with a mission and a purpose and a gift to serve. I stand in awe of women who light the way. And know that I am one of them.
Joy to you in this new year...


  1. Anonymous10:11 PM

    even though
    my eyes are burning
    I'm choking on the nothing
    it's the loss
    the loss
    once again
    poke your finger in that place
    it's an owie
    a vaccuum
    he doesn't write
    he doesn't call
    and it burns
    it burns

    and this is normal right
    this is how it goes
    my mind spins
    to dumb pointless unproductive things
    that only hurt me more
    dumb pointless unproductive,
    but human

  2. you are one incredible woman. I am so glad I got to meet such a perfect person. It sounds like you did very well for yourself and I am pretty proud. I miss that energy.

  3. Anonymous9:15 PM

    you ROCKED 2006, girl!!!

    you inspire me.
    big time.