Sunday, January 14, 2007

the city bit me hard

After a satisfying yet exhausting work week, I drove up Highway One and had a glorious run along the ocean (Fort Funsten), I parked outside of Katia's house and trotted inside. I smooched Luchi-loo, we put her furry Brokeback jacket on and we walked back to my rental car to grab my wallet and get some lunch. SOMEBODY HAD BASED IN THE WINDOW AND STOLEN MY BAG!!! Bag contents: my beautiful gorgeous new-ish red wallet with debit card, visa, driver's license, checks, not one but TWO yet-to-be-used $50 gift cards from Christmas, $20 cash, two new sheets of stamps, my NEW BLACKBERRY DAMMIT!!!, my work cell phone and can't remember what else. Thank god for Katia. She was totally calm and logical and took me back inside where we tag-teamed whole reporting the CRIME to all the right people (SF Police Dept has an online reporting tool, it's actually cool & super quick!). She walked me back out to my car, which by now I was getting afraid would get stolen too bc of the open window... and I had this thought about the bags... if I was a THIEF... would I run with the bag and then after grabbing everything out just chuck it and keep running? So we resolved to take a few laps around her neighborhood park (it's actually fairly big with lots of nooks & crannies & trees), and just 1/2 block around the corner from where my car was parked, I spy this black bag just sitting in the grass all by its lonesome self. Whaddya know??? I got my bag back! They did take the wallet, blackberry & cell but let me tell ya what they didn't get, because it pleases me SO:

* my new supa fly lip balm from L'Occitane (Christmas gift)
* my new supa fly hand cream from L'Occitane (Christmas gift)
* my new supa fly bluetooth headset
* my work journal with lots of important notes
* my two unfinished cards to Jen & Becca with a helluva lotta picture reprints from our Long Island trip (that two me three months to get printed - whew!)
* my sorry bag of DIRTY SOCKS & UNDERWEAR that I was going to wash at Kathleen's house!!
* my supa fly black bag that Laura had hustled for me as a gift with purchase from DSW!


  1. consuelo8:57 AM

    Wow, that stinks! Glad you were able to at least retrieve some of it.

  2. Anonymous3:16 PM

    That's awful... but your manicure is fabulous! :-)

  3. Anonymous6:54 PM

    I am sorry sweetie, you got broken in SF style. My first night, yes first night in SF twelve years ago I got broken in and they stole all my money and word processor with all of my writing and sleeping bag and everything else dear to me. My cherry got popped. It sucks. Sorry lady.....

  4. could've been could've been mugged! and, at least you got your goodie bag back, right? :)

  5. Anonymous2:50 PM


    I love that pic of K and L through the (former) window...

  6. Anonymous10:50 PM

    I Miss You.