Saturday, January 06, 2007

Glorious Luchmuel Samchi time!

Beautiful day in the city (San Francisco) today!
Got some quality time with my babies, Samuel & Luchi.
I feel rather grounded, despite the fact that I didn't want to get on that plane on Weds.
My corporate digs aren't too bad, in fact & it helps that I have my baby boy with me.
He did okay on the plane, drug free! I drenched his kitty carrier with lavender.
We're in high gear here, preparing for the bomb to go off next week...
It's so sad & so hard to be forging away with this transition,
But change is that way I guessed, mixed emotions.
I have an ideal in my mind as for what I'm hoping for with HP,
but remaining open to what the world brings.
I have a post in my head about what I want to write
as a closing post for 2007, more to come on that creation!

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