Saturday, January 27, 2007

the path

These are my lil chickies.
I'm their momma bird
and every morning
they would greet me
peep peep
with hugs and love
they would watch me
and say
what can I to help you?
They have left me now
since HP Feb 1
their jobs went bye bye
but see how much fun we had?!
This trio was so special,
such a killer work environment
In this pic we are holding our breath
under water
(as you can see, I seal my nose with my lips)
that's my trick
And flying over the Rockies again
Doing a better job of caring for myself
on this next stint in CA
NO TV at night
(despite the allure of cable)
NO working after 9pm
NO sugar junk shit in my body
+ yoga
+ hard sleep
+ get up early to the gym
+ take a relaxing lunch
+ yoga
"whatever the question,
do more yoga"

Three cards I pulled this morning
after my dream about work
where I was hanging between two huge rocks
with a 50 foot drop below me,
I continued on the trail
but realized I chose the wrong path!
I had taken the path for rock climbers
and it was a sheer vertical rock face
my fingers gripped the wall
and I turned back
I went the wrong way!

And my dear dear osho zen
showed me that
I'm on the perfect path.


  1. consuelo3:36 PM

    Way to get on the perfect path girlfriend!

    Now on a total different offense, but the holding your breath under water by sealing your nose with your lips look is not your best :). Yet you still manage to look so darn cute doing it!

  2. love that shot of you rocking out in the multiple mirrors!

    you continue to inspire me with your commitment to self care...