Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Why this blog should be called the ADVENTURES OF CRAZY H!

So Tuesday morning, I am running out the door with the trash in my hand, with my purse, to run to Vic's my last latte for two weeks and to get to the bank so I get get my new debit card! It's 8:57am and I need to get back by 9:15am to catch my taxi to the airport. So I toss my trash and my purse into the dumpster and... OH I JUST THREW MY PURSE IN THE DUMPSTER. What's a girl to do? Look around, pretend like I'm really not about to just do this, and hike myself up INTO THE TRASH DUMPSTER. Oh YES I did. With only minutes to spare, I grab my purse, pull myself up & outta there and off I go. So I'm back in the Bay Area once again, returning on February 6th. Sheez.


  1. HI! Welcome back! I so wish I was going to be around this weekend to hang out. I realized after you left last time, after the purse fiasco, that I really missed the talk/ing that I had been looking forward to that we didn't get to have because of the purse fiasco. Looking forward to some juicy conversations next time I see you.


  2. Why does this visual make me laugh! Not necessarily at you...WITH YOU! I'm just suprised I haven't done it...although, there was the time I went outside and tossed the vacuume canister in the trash can and then had to climb in to retrieve it as the freaking thing is about 5' tall.