Sunday, February 11, 2007

5 things about me you probably don't know

Okay, so my three favorite bloggers tagged me so finally I'm on it:

1. I was raised in a very non-Christian home: my mother was a Bahai and my father was a hare krsna (you know, the bald dudes handing out flowers & chanting in the airport. Rad, huh? Usually when I tell people they say "a what?" for Bahai and "oooh" for hare krsna. When I was a kid my dad lived at the Denver temple until I was 5 and I have the sweetest memories of smells and foods and chanting. The Bahai communities were always a mixture of the sweetest, kindest people I have ever met, very gentle people, and always a heavy mix of Persians (the religion comes out of Iran). My personal journey about this has become such a blessing, which I wouldn't have said when I was a kid. I felt like a total outsider, I wasn't Christian or Jewish, and therefore completely missed any and all Biblical references (especially embarrassing in college as an English Lit major, everything's some hidden meaning to some story that I totally didn't get). When I was in eigth grade I had a neighbor, Nikki Haugebak, whose family I think sort of wanted to convert me. I started attending church with her and some of her youth group activities. I remember my face would flush with heat on Sundays when people would stand up sit down stand up sing say amen say a prayer wouldn't know the prayer wouldn't know the song. For years I was completely resistant and pissed off at Jesus talk. Bahais nor hare krsnas teach that Christ was the song of god, but rather another prophet from God to bring a message appropriate for the people of the time. What do I believe now? Eh, a little Jesus, a little Buddha, whatevah. It's allll about love, giving love, receiving love, forgiveness, compassion. Sing, rejoice and pray to your God.

2. I was quite the rebellious teenager. One day, in Tucson, my mom went out for a run and I'm not sure if it was to piss her off or what the hell I was thinking, my best friend Deanna and I hopped in the family Concord station wagon (ooooooooh yeah, it was white with the tan wood side boards) and backed out of the driveway to take a little joyride. The only problem was that our driveway was a steep hill. And, you know how good you are at backing when you first start driving... well I went off the side of the hill rather than down it. Somehow we got it unstuck before my mom got home.

3. When I was in 9th grade, one day during track my feet really hurt and when I took my shoes off some of my toes on both sides were kind of blistered. We went to a podiatrist and they recommended I have surgery on both feet, for my hammer toes. So I had surgery on my 4th toe on both feet, removing a piece of bone to straighten both the toes. Needless to say, today they would NEVER do that. It was a completely awful healing process, I had to wear those surgical boots for weeks.

4. I have very few pet peeves. My top one: why do women pee on the seat? Why you gotta do that?? Wipe it down girlfriend, wipe it down. That irritates me to no end. I understand you're afraid of germs but dude, a little courtesy to the next sister. Number two: people who watch too much tv, especially when I'm trying to fall asleep. I have intense anger issues (totally serious) if I'm super tired and can hear the tv. Number three: my very own pig pen ways. Slob. It's gross. Why can't I just put my dirty clothes in the laundry basket and not just near. Don't even mention the food rotting in the refrigerator. I's genetic though, I'm absolutely sure of it!

5. I have a both a gift and a curse with logistics. Don't even mess with me when it comes to efficiency. I am unstoppable when it comes to thinking of the best way to do anything. This may sound odd and I wouldn't have languaged it this way had I not gotten the Human Design reading... there is literally this "channel" that I have that is about perfection of logistics and details. Sometimes this curse be annoying like, say, OVER-planning for the Burning Man road trip in 2005. Preetttty much drove Shira (the most UN-planner I've ever met) completely nuts.

So now I'm tagging Teri & Rebecca...


  1. I already did it H! Katia tagged me a couple of weeks ago! Loved your, though.

  2. I enjoyed reading these! I too have a peeve of the radio or tv on when trying to sleep. Years ago I was tortured at a friend's house (I was maybe 7) spending the night. I layed awake half the night until I was sure she was asleep so I could go turn it off! I like your new header photos btw!!

  3. (Can't seem to manage more than one thought per comment here...)

    Your spiritual past is very interesting. What a sweet love story...Hare Krsna meets Bahai.

  4. simply, You are amazing!