Monday, February 05, 2007


Got good & hard core sick this week.
99.8 fever
Had forgotten how that feels.
So I tried to skip town early today to get back home,
gave my baby 1/4 of the pill the vet gave me,
hoping to ease his nerves
and literally within MINUTES
I noticed he looked drunk,
like he was stumbling and couldn't get his balance
so of course I was furiously packing
and half watching him
eventually he slowed to a stop and was laying on his back
and that's when I noticed his eyes
they seemed to be rolled back in his head -
you can imagine my panic -
so after shaking him and now holding him
to make sure he is BREATHING
I arrive at the airport
and my flight is delayed.
I feel like absolute shit, aches and all.
Hell, I feel like the one who is drugged.
At least I'm goin home.
But I'm so bummed - I laid on that couch all weekend
sweating and delirious
when I was supposed to be with KK & Katia. No fair!
Oh, and I logged into my HP email finally this am,
the switch was turned on Thursday
and there you have it,
605 unread emails in my inbox.
Obviously I'm burnt out.
Time to get everyone off my back.
H-ie can't do no more.
Even Wonder Woman needs time off.

1 comment:

  1. oh honey - i feel for you. i hope you are snuggled in bed right now with your kitty, watching your favorite old movie and eating chicken soup from Whole Foods.

    Oh, and thanks for inspiring this.