Friday, February 09, 2007

I got me the Laryngitis

Seriously, I really do
I can't talk
voice is gone
nill, none
I kept trying to talk past it
you know, push through
I mean, come on
it's not like I've never been told to
so I guess I was ignoring the signs
and now there's no choice

I'm looking around my place
and there is a dishwasher
sitting in the middle of my living room
because the jackies from my HOA
didn't do what I asked them to do
so when Home Depot came to deliver
they didn't have what they need

Then there's three weeks worth of
"unprocessed" mail
could somebody PLEASE tell the junk mail gods
to stop it?
what a waste, it sickens me
when over 1/2 my mail is spam
and I spend time opening it so I can recycle it
bc I heard you have to do that

And then the laundry,
oh the laundry

And then there is this congestion thing
you know when you're used to dealing with your health issue?
like I am used to dealing with migraines
I have this whole ramp thing
where it starts as a headache
and then I notice the neck/trap muscles are spazzed
and then I realize I'm totally exhausted
and then BAM it's a migraine
but if I catch it at any one of those steps
I know how to manage
(sidenote one of my favorite tricks is
to put your feet in a hot epsom salt bath
it pulls the heat out of your head,
you can also ice your head/neck
or apply Olbas oil - spearmint/peppermint = cooling)

But hang on.
This congestion bullshit
the past THREE nights
I cannot sleep because I cannot breathe
Night #2 I freaked out and swigged Nyquil
which worked for like 2 hours then the sugar woke me up
So Night #2 I tried au naturel,
hot washcloth over my face with Olbas oil
Haaaaaaaallelujah (for about 10 minutes)
plus homeopathic nose spray
(what the hell is that -
I've never done that before
and it either drips out your nose
or back down your throat,
I totally don't get that).

So today.
I got Theraflu and Musenex
mostly because I need my sleep
like, more than I ever have in my whole life
please dear GOD let this shit work tonight.


  1. After writing about all those drugs last night, I totally couldn't bring myself to take them before I went to bed! I read the labels on the boxes and thought of my liver and just couldn't do it. And then I slept all the way through to 5am! Party! But now I woke and feel so beat up and exhausted. Wow the recovery road from all that trip is going to take some time... deep healing and resting.

  2. Well, I was going to call you but..... :) I'm glad you slept last night. I hope you can take it easy this weekend. Forget the laundry!

    I think killer viruses are taking over the world. I can't even bring myself to talk about what is going on with me (on top of my cold that I've had for 5 days), it's so gross and scary. I am taking a presciption even while breastfeeding so you know it is bad. Days and days and nights of alternating fever and chills (last night as high as 101.7) and sweating. Terrible pain and fear because I am not insured. Fear that the Grave's Disease is making a reappearance. All this while trying to care for Lu. Sometimes I feel like I'm in a nightmare. You know how fever can make you feel so tweaky.

    Anyhow. I hope take the time to get better. Hunker down with some tea and dvds and take care of yourself. I miss you!


  3. Oh my. Hope you're feeling much better now. Not to add another to do for you, but here's a way to slow down some of that junk mail:

    Sending love,