Sunday, February 18, 2007


I have the fastest fluctuating body temperature - I can be ROASTING hot one second then frigid cold the next. I almost always try to wear vest-y layers that I can rip off or throw on. I'm also one of those peepers who loves to know what temperature it is outside (an obvious connection here), so I got totally inspired when I saw Ele's thermometer. I just bought one too!

Speaking of inner heat, this long 3-day weekend I've been confronted by the most definite sense of lost spirit... that inner warmth of the heart. All that work, all those deadlines and bottom lines and frown lines. Wow. It took me almost two weeks to hit that STOP point where life settled down quiet enough to see that I had some recovery to do. Not really do, though. Nothing to do. This weekend has been very quiet and part of me isn't used to that pace, so I keep having to settle back in. It's a funny thing, the end of big projects. There's such a relief and then a movement through a sort of mourning period. Transitions.

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  1. Girl! Get some extra batteries - ours ran out of juice yesterday, and it is KILLING me not knowing the temp! It's addictive...