Tuesday, March 13, 2007

lovely & amazing

Aren't cacti COOL?
my favorite is that enormous broccoli looking one
then the top right that is smooth & almost like seaweed
or top left like green french fries!
you know you're on vacation when:
you forget what day it is
you go to bed at 9pm

1 comment:

  1. Betrayed
    Break in trust
    Deceived myself
    Can't breathe
    Angry at myself
    Knew this would happen
    He's got to get it somewhere else
    Keep it interesting
    Well fuck him
    I can do my withdraw/mad thing
    I can pretend
    I can tell the truth
    (he will drop me anyway)
    Did I mention angry at myself?
    And there will be no fighting
    Because he did nothing wrong
    He made no promises on purpose
    He made no promises on purpose
    And now he will freak when I don't call back
    Keep them in the pipeline
    Just another one in the row
    What is it that keeps me there
    Keeps me hooked
    Not breathing
    I'm most mad at myself

    The core feeling
    Is I did something wrong
    Isn't that fascinating
    That I did something bad
    Can't breathe

    So what do I do?
    Text "did I say something wrong?"
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