Saturday, April 07, 2007

Happy Hours

this spring I see
the little joys of babies!
I am in WONDER of their changes
their little pinchers pinching
toesies squishing
eyes flirting
hands stealin' each other's toys

and my girlfriends
the intimacy there
so deep, so fulfilling
the stories sharing
time together
Kathleen, 20 years
Katia my flip flopping burning man fbff
Shiri pi-pi meeeow
the Doctor of true & deep friendship
and finally my lil red-headed Tree
a resting place
a guiding light
true sister

thank you universe
thank you for my meditations
I been praying and sitting still
sending glowing golden light into my heart
reaching up in praise & wholeness
hanging onto you,
the "Almighty"
I am praying
sending a beep beep out to Boulder
straight from my heart
like a beacon doop doop
a pulsing magnet
calling all good men
drawing you to me
stomping on the dirt
standing above this little town
hail to the good ones
come HITHER!
It's happy hour season!

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