Sunday, April 29, 2007


This picture makes me want to sing "upside down you're turning me" or say "upside down and inside out tell me what's it all about" (did I make that last part up?! I've had my eye on this beyond cool gadget for two years, but everytime I get my act together they're all sold out! Finally I remembered in time and ordered one. My lil' old back patio is undergoing its ritual spring transformation, although I am *so* impressed and surprised by myself... my fantasy in my head is that over time I would become more and more hard core, but actually the best practice for me seems to be loosening up, being more chill, letting go of goals and just doing things in a piddily diddily time frame. Year by year I've done less and less physically demanding gardening, and although I still long for the day I have a big-ish plot in my own backyard and will go nutty growing lots and lots of vegetables, for now it's just some herbs and lettuce, flowers and tomatoes! For those of you who have seen my patio you know what little space I'm talking about. Today I swept just a little bit. And moved my 9 little herb pots outside (basil, rosemary, parsley). Oh, and moved the Aspen to a new spot. I'm just simply exhausted from the exertion!

Anyway, here's to gorgeous perfect sunny 80' days like today. And cheers to me for my first longer bigger run. I sort of officially started training my my marathon April 1, but wanted to give myself one long slow month to ease into it. So today (still inside of April), I ran 7 miles UP (600 ft elevation gain) & back down Boulder Canyon at 1:10. Wow that creek path is really amazing. I look forward to lots more running up there, love the uphill training. Considering the Denver marathon... even though I am loathe to ever leave Boulder, would it betray my true nature to run DOWN THERE?? ;-)


  1. I so happy for you and your perfectly wonderful & manageable upside down garden. Sounds lovely! Confucius would be so proud....


  2. Anonymous11:31 AM

    yeah for you! I was going to call yesterday to see how the training was going (pre-8:00 ritual of course), but i came down with the stomach flu thatthe kids had. i know that run..beautiful & steeep!!my dad used to do the Denver marathon and he loved it because he said that it was a great sightseeing tour of Denver. Plus, lots of places for people to cheer for you! (that would be us, of course)

    looking forward to seeing your garden..


  3. Anonymous7:04 PM

    I bought 2 for our house... Hopefully it keeps the squirrels at bay...