Sunday, May 06, 2007

8 miles n' booze

today I ran a smooth 8 miles
4 up the canyon, 4 down
a good pace
especially since Friday night
smooth went down 3 tequila shots & 1 red wine...
About a year ago
I began tracking lots of things (daily),
mood, exercise, drugs, travel, sleep & booze
a very interesting assortment indeed
but it's given me a lot of power
in assessing the interaction between
stress, circumstances & behaviors
Prior to this
I was *convinced*
that I drank maybe 1-2 glasses of wine
about 2x per month.
Not so at all.
I still am shocked to see
that I drink about 2 drinks about 2x/week
(at least).
Now, I'm not saying that's good or bad,
but its affect on me
is most certainly never good.
My not-so-mysterious-anymore "M"
could never understand
why one beer would keep me awake at night
or three beers would make me depressed for a week.
But my main point is that
I have wanted to curb that social habit
(in other words the ability to be "out"
in a group where others are drinking
and just easily choose to not drink)
I have been mostly unsuccessful
(although I have tried the sipping someone else's drink method
and that's worked sometimes times)
The good news is that I've finally reached the need
(because of my running)
to just really not drink.
A friend of mine has been confronting her alcoholism
and I think, like her, I need to prepare myself,
in particular before my favorite Friday happy hours...
for how I can carry a glass
or what I can drink that feels fun for me
or how I can distract myself
until the urge passes
or when I smell a good Cab/Pinot mix!
When I say because of my running,
what I mean is that yesterday was supposed to be my long run
but I couldn't, just couldn't
and even today, 48 hours later,
I slept until 9:45
As the spring slides into summer,
many of us know how HOT it is here
and I'm going to have to be up and out
on Saturdays close to 7am
or face the misery of 80s/90s
(I cannot run in that).

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