Monday, May 28, 2007

The damn "Life Coach" calling

Isn't that a funny way for me to admit that the more I connect with who I see myself becoming, the vision that calls to me (in the truest sense of visual) - LIFE COACH - is such an appalling, unappealing and squeamish title to me? I looked it up on ol' reliable Wikipedia and found the description there all very interesting. I think it's a really valuable site with some great distinctions, like about specializations, coaching vs. therapy (interesting that it's a one or the other).

I just was watching this woman named Debbie Ford on the tv show (omg how embarrassing that I watch these things) the ExWives Club. Anyway, despite the cheese of the show, I just loved the transformational work that she did with these divorcees in helping to free them of their grief, show them their anger, redeem them to their power & personal beauty.

Also found it fascinating that Wikipedia referenced EST, Landmark, Tony Robbins & Steven Covey as some of the revolutionaries in this type of work. Kate just mentioned to me the other day that she wants us to do a Tony Robbins workshop someday together! On the Landmark wiki, under "Religious Implications", read this (and I would agree):

"Landmark seems to appeal to young people between 20 and 35 in liberal professions who are disillusioned with or discouraged about their lives. Landmark seems to be a scientific substitute for the need for religious answers to life's fundamental questions."


  1. So many ha ha ho ho hee hees... First, I know what you mean about Life Coach. It's sort of like that book we did together -- Life Makeovers: 52 Practical & Inspiring Ways to Improve Your Life One Week at a Time... The book was great! Our little group was great! But the title and the cover? Oy vey. It hurt every time I picked the book up...

    And the quote about Landmark is a hoot. Fairly right on huh?


  2. Yes -- you need to do this! I just got a new coach but she doesn't really use the phrase Life Coach. Yu may want to check her stuff out at She says she specializes in building businesses or helping clients do so, but also seems to have a focus on women. She's offering a special right now b/c she's signed up for a Mastery certification through the ICF and has to coach 100 people for it -- one free intial session and then 12 sessions for $50 each -- a seriously discounted rate. I'd imagine you'd like her a lot. She's from New Zealand and lives in Switzerland. I found her on a professional women's networking group.